Comfort Saddle Features, Explained

Sun Bicycles Hybrid Comfort Bike
Comfort Saddles are medium width saddles that provide wider sit bone support for athletic riders that sit slightly upright. These saddles are made out of either memory foam or multi-stage foam padding and offer superb comfort. Explore the various features of comfort saddles below.


Rides more than 1 hour  Longer Rides
Compression technology reduces shock of impacts Forms to the rider and dampens shock
Thicker, larger saddles overall One layer of memory foam provides lasting comfort


More suspension over bigger bumps Reduces road vibrations 
Cleaner look, will not rust over time


Anatomic Relief

Reduces perineal pressure Reduces perineal pressure and promotes cool air circulation



Cover Material

Water resistant cover is easy to wipe down



Special Features

Integrated light bar provides increased safety day and night