Cloud-9 Saddle Features

Imagine a bicycle saddle that molds to your unique shape, providing a level of comfort that's personalized just for you. Our Memory Foam saddles do precisely that. The memory foam reacts to your body's contours, offering exceptional support, and eliminating painful pressure points. You'll enjoy a ride that feels like it was designed exclusively for you.

Our Multi-Stage Foam Saddles offer a comfort level like no other. The semi-soft foam provides a plush feel when you first sit down, and as it compresses, it gradually transitions to a semi-firm feel. This adaptability ensures that you experience the perfect level of comfort, whether you're cycling for leisure or tackling long-distance rides.

Our Select Foam Saddles feature a unique dual-layer construction. The soft foam layer on top of the standard multi-stage foam provides a luxurious feel. This combination ensures that you experience the perfect balance of softness and support, eliminating discomfort during your bike rides.

The central anatomic relief channel is engineered to reduce pressure on the perineal area. This ergonomic design promotes better blood circulation and minimizes discomfort, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking relief from numbness and pain.

Our Elastomer Spring saddles feature a revolutionary dual suspension system. The inner coil spring provides support and cushioning, while the external elastomer spring adds an extra layer of shock absorption. This dynamic duo ensures that your ride remains comfortable and free from jolts and vibrations, even on rough terrain.

Coil springs provide continuous support and cushioning, making your ride more comfortable and less taxing on your body. Designed to tackle even the most significant bumps on your journey, these saddles are built for riders who demand the ultimate in shock absorption.

The added light bar feature is a safety enhancement designed to keep you visible in any riding condition. Illuminate your path with the steady mode for early morning or late night rides, or the flashing mode to help you stand out in low-light conditions. Two compact, yet powerful, CR2032 batteries power the light and are easily replaceable so you can continue to ride with confidence.

Water-Resistant covers provide weather-proof Performance. Rain, mud, or unexpected splashes - our water-resistant vinyl cover can handle it all. This advanced material repels moisture, ensuring that your saddle remains dry even during wet and rainy rides.

Vented saddles feature a strategically designed channel down the center. This unique feature not only maximizes airflow, keeping you cool and dry during your entire ride, but also reduces pressure on sensitive areas.